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Luxury summer Sandals

Luxury summer sandals are the best that suit any look, day or night that is why I love to wear them over and over again.

The first luxury summer sandals I put into my closet were the glitter fuschIa . I wore them here and here. There were the first comfortable ones I’ve bought in a long time. Now, they are on sale.

luxury summer sandals

I also acquired the thong sandals because I wear them with almost every outfit. They are the personification of the best luxury summer sandals.

luxury summer sandals

I love colorful sandals. One of my favorite summer sandals are the red glitter ones. It’s like walking on cushions.These are my errands sandals. They also go everywhere, whether I am dressed down or dressed for the day

There are other colors like the black and gold ones that make me want to go on a cruise trip. Especially, when the sun is shining, it ‘s hard to turn down an invite to be by the beach. With Noblag’s luxury summer sandals, I can go from sidewalk to trail to water without any hassle. It’s easy to adjust and allow me to slip them on and off easily while keeping my foot secure and comfortable.

luxury summer sandals

Noblag’s luxury summer sandals are  the best sandals for everyday use. When you step your feet in them, you are putting your feet in years of technology that is designed to provide superior comfort. You can also wear them with a dress or blouse for a get-together or a drink on the terrace or slip them on with some shorts and head to the beach.

Noblag’s luxury sandals are known for their durable designs and comfortable. If you are a slip-on sandals fan but looking for something with a little more durability and support than your regular flip-flop, Noblag’s collection is your perfect choice.

luxury summer sandals

The good thing with Noblag’s luxury summer sandals is how you can rock the socks and sandals look. However your wear them, this is sure to be a comfortable favorite for many more years to come.

Luxury Belts For Men

Luxury belts for men are one of the few accessories that authentically blend form and function. The right luxury belts can be a good way to complete your outfit but also add a string of color to a look that might be otherwise. Belts are not only good to hold our pants but also fashionable, stylish and elegantly to complete your look.

Luxury belts for men

The late and legendary Mitch Hedberg once said” My belts hold my pants up, but the belt loops hold the belt up. I don’t really know what’s happening down there. Who’s the real hero?”

It’s unarguable that there is no better belt more heroic than leather belts. These types of belts are timeless accessories that can be mixed and matched with any kind of attire and still look stunning. The leather belts are so versatile that  you can wear them at any occasion or gatherings; office, casual gatherings, formal affairs. There is no place where the leather belts are considered  too dressy or too casual. It is time to have one in your wardrobe. We come up with a list of best luxury belts for men for your enjoyment.

luxury belts for men

Our first choice for the best leather belts comes in both black and tan for you to pick and choose what works best for your wardrobe. Its design makes it not only the best designer belts but also can be matched with either dress pants or jeans for a totally sophisticated look every day.

The craftsmanship on the full grain top layer 100% calfskin leather should leave all the other belts envious of its quality. the stainless steel reversible buckle adds a touch of polished finish to a highly professional accessory. For the gentlemen who like to add a piece of modern style to their everyday attire, then this is the kind of belt that will offer you the best results.

Also, make sure you check our other different styles of colors of belts list  online on www.noblag.com

How to Accessorize a Hot Dress with Attractive Accessories

A hot dress can establish a bold fashion statement. But it should be worn properly so that it can create both seductive and classic appearance. When you choose accessories to wear with your dress, you should stick with simple and unobtrusive pieces that will add a little interest and contrast without drawing too much attention. Always keep your dress the focal point of your outfit.hot dress

  1. Bring in black belt: Get a stretchable belt so that it looks on your hot dress. It doesn’t look like the one that goes with pants.  Belts will definitely give a classy look and will show off good curves.
  2. Mix different shades of red: A bright red dress will surely look overwhelming if you use it in any part of your outfit. Instead of it, you can use different shades of red for creating a contrast while staying within red color scheme.hot dress
  3. Try a red heel or flat: This shade is deep enough for creating a classic look. It will add a subtle hint of color to your feet.
  4. Keep things bright with patent leather pump: If you want to have a bold personality, you can opt for a bold shoe. Shiny patent leather will add a trace of shimmer to your feet and it will look absolutely outstanding.
  5. Look for jewelry with gems stones: You can choose gemstone jewelries. Gunmetal settings can create a tough look while silver or gold settings can have a classic appeal.hot dress
  6. Consider rings, earrings, bracelets and over necklaces: Bracelets, post earrings and rings should not overlap with your dress and can only be admired on their own. Necklaces and earrings will look excellent with hot dresses.
  7. Carry a small purse: You can carry different styles of bags with your dresses but you should keep things toned down. A large size bag may wash out the hot look of your dress. Instead of it, you can go for an attractive clutch, especially one in a shade that varies from your dress.hot dress
  8. Keep your accessories subdued: Too many accessories can confuse the eye. Confine your jewelry to one or two small pieces, avoid the accessories that look unnecessarily large.
  9. Choose stylish hair accessories: Choosing stylish hair accessories complement the party dress. Hair should be worn to show off a bare neckline and to avoid competition with the neckline of the dress. However, long hair worn can be used to balance a strapless party dress. Alternatively, you can add interesting hair accessories like feather, beaded, crystal fascinator or decorative headband to simple outfit. These accessories should not compete with the jewelry you have chosen.hot dress

Accessories and jewelry should focus on the features of both the wearer and the dress. Many beautiful dresses have been ruined because of wrong selection of accessory or simply by adding too much to the dress. So, you need to select the accessories very carefully.  For example, not all party outfits look good with attractive necklaces. You need to make the selection very carefully. Basically the neckline of the dress influences the type of necklace that will go best with party wear dresses. In addition to the neckline of the dress, you should consider including features that should be accentuated by the necklace. Aged woman with folds and wrinkles at their throats avoid chokers as this type of necklace draws attention to these. Similarly, choice of bracelets and ear rings must be selected carefully to add sparkle for making a statement. Delicate items give a party dress a sophisticated and elegant look.

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Author: This content is written by Rhoxann Witz.