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Latest Jewelry Trends

The latest jewelry trends suggest that if you wear dresses and tops with chain embellishments features, you need to opt for something different in your jewelry choices. Think in opposites.

For a perfect look and contrast on red carpet or runway shows, you need to wear adjustable bracelets, earrings new directions, wear the latest jewelry trends that evoke natural motifs and horizontal bars and forms.

A set of Akoya pearl drop earrings in a contrasting color will complete your look when wearing with a black top with shiny metal chain shoulder straps sending a more feminine and soft signal. A string of pearls in white, black or other colors can create a captivating contrast. If you want to let the chain straps or neckline stand on their own.

latest jewelry trends

You can also opt for a bold large or layer smaller chains for your latest jewelry trends to your wardrobe. Ladies, shop the cool men’s jewelry selection in necklaces for bigger looks. Mix large and small chains and different lengths. Try mixing a small-link chain in a longer length adorned with a pendant with a shorter chunkier necklace.

latest jewelry trends

Two types of earring directions are dominating the latest jewelry trends this year: the climbers that go in the opposite direction — up the ear with defined shapes.

latest jewelry trends

And the threaders that hang loose and languid earrings also called Shaka. They are tiny, light weight, delicate and slim, with equal design attention paid to each side of the earring,  and the ear. They can be simple fine chains, often with a solid metal arch hanging in the piercing of your ear, or a solid elongated U-shape. You’ll find them with geometric designs on either or both ends or with gemstones or diamonds dangling from the end.


And also the adjustable styles bracelets also called expandable, bolo or lariat. Some are a fixed circular shape, like a bangle, but the diameter expands to slip over your hand and then snugs down on your wrist. The ends of the chain then hang free. Adjustable bracelets are great for anyone, but are especially useful for folks with large hands but small wrists — if a bangle fits over their hands, it’s uncomfortably loose on their wrists. They’re also perfect for stacking or layering — a latest jewelry trend that shows no signs of stopping soon.

latest jewelry trends

The horizontal latest jewelry trend, straight or curved bars in necklaces and bracelets,  just seems to be getting stronger. But now the bars are evolving into different shapes and sending messages when seen sideways.

Chain Necklaces Are This Year’s Hottest Fashion Jewelry Trend

Without question, 2017’s biggest trend in fashion jewelry is the chain necklaces, which is the perfect accessory for nearly any outfit because it can be worn casually for daytime wear or dressed up for date nights. Why buy many necklaces when you can buy just one chain necklace for everyday wear?

In this post, we share six different types of chain necklaces and provide suggestions for how you can wear them for work or play.

Black Resin Bib Chain Necklace

chain necklacesYou’ve probably never heard of resin. Popular in fashion jewelry manufacturing, resin is a synthetic material that’s both durable and affordable. It’s an ideal ingredient for making the best value fashion jewelry.

This particular resin necklace is 16” in length but can be adjusted to suit your preferences. The green color of the stones might make this necklace seem less versatile, but the green color is actually a muted neutral that can work with many types of outfits.


Pearl Chain Necklace

chain necklacesThe mixed media aspect of this long pearl necklace makes it a versatile piece of fashion jewelry. You can pair it with trendy Akoya pearl jewelry or wear it alone as a statement piece.

Featuring resin beads, pearls, wood, and mixed metal, this necklace is modern but still has an earthy appeal. It measures 34” in length.

Gold-tone Turquoise Enamel and Crystal Pendant Necklace

chain necklacesIf you’ve been wanting to shop pearl jewelry trends and are looking for something a little more elegant than the first two options presented in this post, look no further than this gold-tone turquoise enamel and crystal pendant necklace.

The rich red and gold tones are reminiscent of royalty, and the sparkling flower-shaped pendant is a worthy main attraction for any stylish woman’s neck. This necklace is about 16” in length and has a lobster-claw clasp for a secure closure.



Blue Stone Frontal Chain Necklace

chain necklacesIf you’re trying to achieve a bold look, then this frontal chain necklace is sure to get you considered for a promotion or admired at a dinner party.

With its deep blue stones and gold-tone metal, this substantial choker necklace is a fine example of Noblag’s unique jewelry selection. It’s the statement piece of the century. The necklace measures 14” and has a 2” extender.




Gold-Tone, Three-Row Beaded and Knotted Necklace

chain necklaces

On the hunt for nonstop compliments? Well, you’ve come to the right online fashion jewelry store, where you can buy this fashion-forward and intricately-made three-row beaded necklace.

The chain is made from beads in shades of pink and purple, and a stunning pendant completes the look. The flower-shaped pendant is reminiscent of springtime and innocence. Purple lovers will rejoice!



Gold-Tone Glass Stones and Beads Bracelet and Necklace Set

chain necklacesIf you’d rather shop for affordable jewelry sets, as opposed to a la carte jewelry pieces, then this bracelet and necklace set is for you. The rich, regal tones of gold and iridescent purple on this crystal glass jewelry set will make you feel like a queen. Furthermore, the detail on the gold-tone beads is impeccable.

Now that you’ve viewed these six items, do you agree that chain necklaces are the must-have item of the year? Which of these would you purchase or give as a gift?