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Gemstone, precious metal.

Cosmopolitan Magazine just revealed Beyonce’s new favorite fashion accessory: a pair of beautiful emerald earrings. She’s been photographed wearing these simple yet stunning gemstone emerald earrings at the MTV Video Music Awards White Carpet.

Have you come here looking for a way to copy this look without spending your entire paycheck ? At Noblag.com, you can shop not only the emerald gemstone at affordable prices but also the other colorful gemstones that are on many “wants” lists .

In this post, we share five examples of how you can look as chic and sophisticated as Beyonce wearing different types of gemstones.

For a look that’s very similar to Beyonce’s, try this silver emerald necklace dazzling in pave crystal diamond accents interlinked in a geometrical shape to create this eye-catching look.


If you are looking for the same gemstone to make more of a statement, try this fancy emerald light yellow diamond ring. An elegant design that can be worn very often.


Versatile and affordable, with large, near-flawless stones available, citrine is historically valued for its rarity, another precious gemstone. This citrine bracelet, a signature statement piece, vibrantly designed in oval-cut citrine and diamond accents in sterling silver.


You may consider wearing eye-catching colorful garnet which is a gemstone that symbolizes truth and faithfulness. Most often cut in rounds, ovals, and cushions. Used in a wide array of styles. These petite stud earrings feature heart-shaped round-cut garnet surrounded with sparkling round-cut in sterling silver.


Another popular gemstone is amethyst. It’s used extensively in both high-end and mainstream jewelry. Versatile due to variety in color, size and price point. Associated with royalty due to its color. It’s also credited with warding off intoxication. Shades of purple ranging from pale lilac to deep violet. Is also frequently seen in shades of light, pale greens. It’s your time to shine in these stylish purple amethyst stud earrings crafted in sterling silver.


Turquoise : shop outside the box. Show off your favorite gemstone with our fashionable turquoise bracelet fabulously designed to add your collection. It is light to dark blue or blue-green. It’s One of the oldest known precious metals.


if you want to spend more , you can consider shopping trendy Akoya pearl jewelry and yellow diamond. You can even consider creating your own complete jewelry gift sets.

Now that you’ve seen five affordable gemstones of Beyonce’s latest signature emerald earrings, which ones would you choose to wear? What are some other looks that you have loved and want to share with us?