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How to Mix and Match Jewelry for Your Own Affordable Jewelry Sets

You might be hesitant to wear the jewelry you already have or even buy new fine and affordable jewelry sets because you’re not quite sure how to coordinate it with other accessories in your wardrobe.

Though Noblag does sell jewelry sets, many of our pieces can also be purchased a la carte. We’d like to give you some tips for creating your own affordable jewelry sets, even when the retailer doesn’t offer a set.

  1. Choose a focus piece. If you’re pairing various jewelry pieces that weren’t originally designed to be worn together, you definitely want to choose one that will serve as your focus piece.

Usually, the focus piece is a bold necklace like our gold-tone green gemstone necklace

affordable jewelry sets

or a noticeable bracelet like our silver-tone charm and faceted bead stretch bracelet.

affordable jewelry sets

Then, you can make everything revolve around that focus piece like planets orbiting around their sun.

2. Don’t worry about being “matchy matchy.” Being matchy-matchy or trying to make everything looks like it was designed as a set can look old fashioned and dated. Instead, be daring with the way you put your accessories together. For example, instead of choosing just one color for all your accessories, consider putting together colors that complement one another.

Visiting Adobe’s Color Wheel is a great place to start learning about how colors can work together in innovative ways! Checking out Pinterest is another way to learn how the true fashionistas pair their accessories.

affordable jewelry sets

3. Just wear your favorites! If all else fails, you could always just ignore all the guidelines of fashion and simply wear your favorite pieces! Wearing affordable jewelry sets that you love will make you have a perpetual smile on your face, and the jewelry will naturally look great on you because it will be obvious to other people how much you love your accessories. No rules required!

In addition, the tips we just shared should also help you create complete affordable jewelry gift sets for friends and family members who love jewelry. Sometimes, a necklace might not be substantial enough for a gift, but a set that you create might be the perfect present!

What’s your favorite method for pairing accessories in the morning before you leave home? Share your own tips and strategies in the comments below.