Pearl Jewelry -Copy Duchess Kate’s Favorite Look

Town & Country Magazine recently revealed Duchess Kate’s new favorite versatile fashion accessory: a pair of pearl drop earrings. She’s been photographed wearing these simple yet stunning pearl earrings at many different types of events, from intimate get-togethers to national, high-profile events.

Have you come here looking for a way to copy this pearl jewelry look without spending your entire paycheck? At, you can shop pearl jewelry trends at affordable prices. In this post, we share five examples of how you can look as chic and sophisticated as Duchess Kate.


For a look that’s very similar to Duchess Kate’s, try these yellow gold-tone drop earrings with round pearl simulants that are studded with crystal accents for added sparkle. The approximate drop of these pearl earrings is ⅘ inches.


If you’re looking for something similar but crave a pair of earrings that makes more of a statement, try these gold-tone, double-drop earrings with round pearl simulants in the center and crystals surrounding the pearls like the rays of the sun. The details on these earrings are truly stunning and unique. The approximate drop is just under one inch.

pearl jewelry

Kate’s pearls seem to be egg or teardrop-shaped, and these pearl stud earrings capture that shape the best. Though they don’t drop like Kate’s earrings, these stud earrings have the same clean, classic design. Crystals accent the sides of these earrings for added sparkle.

pearl jewelry

With its mix of geometric design elements and delicate and dainty components, this pair of earrings is probably the trendiest and most cutting edge on the list. Two pearl simulants are encased by a gold-tone cage that hangs from a delicate chain. The approximate drop is 1 ¾ inches.

pearl jewelry

Again, the egg shape of the pearl simulants on these earrings mimic the look that Kate loves. Accented with faceted crystals, this pair is for the woman who loves a little more sparkle and shine. The yellow gold tone metal is classic and brings a warm glow to the face. The approximate drop is ½ inch.

You can click here to view all our fashion jewelry with pearl simulants. Or if you want to spend a little more money, you can consider shopping trendy Akoya pearl jewelry, which starts at $360. You can even consider making your own complete jewelry gift sets.

Now that you’ve seen five affordable versions of Duchess Kate’s latest signature look, which one would you choose to wear? What are some other looks that you’ve loved on everyone’s favorite duchess?

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