How To Pack It All In One Bag

Pack a lot of stuff for a weekend getaway? You don’t really need to.  Instead, you need to save yourself the hassle of lugging around multiple bags for short trips and opt instead for a single spacious backpack.


This classic backpack has enough room to fit all your accessories. The heavy packers don’t need to wary about room. This bag features numerous pouches with large capacity and suitable for all seasons. See how much you can fit into the backpack


With a USB charger outside, this bag pack is perfect to techy travelers. The bag  has a headphone port as well and is water resistant keeping your electronics safe from water damage. Just the right size with a lot of compartments to keep your personal belongings very well organized.


If you want a pack that is more sportier, this Noblag trekking backpack is the answer.  This mountaineering backpack  features a tough, abrasion-resistant, a strong water-resistant finish, external frame, headphone exit, side adjustment system of backpack, suspension system, bottom plug-in system, transferred weight belt, water pipe buckle system,web massage shoulder. It comes in multiple colors.


Noblag 25L ultra lightweight packable backpack can be tossed into another bag  and later unpack as needed an fit a lot of stuff inside, very convenient and takes no space. It is water resistant and great for hiking.


You need a smaller pack  that can fit all the essentials.  Your choice is  this outdoor sports fanny pack is eco-friendly, easily carrying a cell phone, keys, and other small items. It is waterproof, super lightweight travel, waterproof blocking elements, high-quality fasteners, two-way zipper, durable, tear resistance, and adjustable waist belt. It is smooth, foldable and breathable. Perfect for travel, running, hiking, cycling, camping, biking, travel commuting, skateboarding, leisure fitness and other outdoor activities. Material: high-grade nylon. All dimensions are approximate: 15 1/4″ x 9″x 4 1/8″.


How To Adjust a Mesh Watch Strap

24mesh watch strap

Mesh watch strap or band is a very popular option for both men’s and women’s mesh strap watches lately. Unlike leather watches or traditional metal strap watches, you can quickly resize your mesh watch strap bracelet using a watch spring bar tool or a regular flathead screwdriver. Adjust the placement of the sliding clasp on the lower portion of the mesh band bracelet to fit the mesh strap comfortably around your wrist.



Have a watch spring bar tool or a small flathead screwdriver handy: Pry open the mesh clasp. You can also use the same type of screwdriver to adjust eyeglass screws or a different small, blunt tool like the prying tools built into a Swiss Army knife. DO NOT USE  a Phillips head screwdriver nor a knife blade. Using a knife blade could slip and scratch the watch or you could cut your fingers with the blade.

mesh watch strap

A watch spring bar tool


mesh watch strap

A small flathead screwdriver


Place the watch flat on a desk or table, or any other firm surface. Use one hand to hold the clasp firmly in position. It is easier and convenient to adjust a mesh watch strap on a table if it is your first time doing it.

mesh watch strap

Hold the clasp firm



The front side of the clasp will have a small hole about 1/4 inch wide directly in its center. You will use this hole to pry the strap open. Insert the spring bar tool or the screwdriver directly into the hole.

mesh watch strap

Place the bar tool into the hole



There is a small set of hinges at the base of the watch clasp, on the side closest to the watch’s face.-

mesh watch strap

pry the clasp upwards to open it



Slide the clasp up or down the mesh strap to accommodate your wrist. Sliding the clasp farther up the mesh strap (towards the watch) will tighten the strap on your wrist, and sliding the clasp down the mesh strap (away from the watch) will loosen the strap.

mesh watch strap

Slide the clasp up or down


Now, align the back of the clasp with a groove in the mesh watch strap. The back of the clasp will have a corresponding indentation that fits snugly into any of these grooves. If you try to close the clasp without first having aligned it with a slot in the mesh strap, the clasp will be unable to close.

mesh watch strap

Find the groove

Once you’ve found the groove in the mesh strap and aligned, you can close the clasp to lock it in place.

mesh watch strap

close the clasp

You should hear a pop sound as the clasp snaps shut. And the watch is ready to be worn.


Mountaineering Backpacks

Mountaineering backpacks are in demand for this time of the year.  To select your best all-purpose mountaineering backpacks, you need to pay attention to the most versatile pack with the features from carrying loads to the base of big walls to expeditions in Alaska or ice climbing in Canada.

mountaineering backpacks

You need a backpack that is comfortable with high-performance climbing packs, ultralight, and simple designs. This model carries heavy loads like a beast.

This model is a standard, reliable backpack that is up for all types of mountain adventures. It is good for climbing, backcountry skiing. If you need a pack that can do everything, you can make it happen with this model.

mountaineering backpacks

This model is an excellent weight to volume ratio bag with impressive durability and very ultra lightweight. It is a good bag that can be overstuffed with bulky items for a short hike to basecamp where lightweight on the climb is a top priority. This pack is a dream on technical climbs. The fabric is extremely durable. It can even stand up to some light hauling.This is the mountaineering backpacks of choice for hikers or alpinists who to do more with less.

mountaineering backpacks

Noblag‘s mountaineering backpacks are designed for climbing. They are compact and streamlined. They can be overstuffed and carry heavy loads with some comfort.

What your man Truly wants For Valentine’s Day.

 Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means this is the time of the year when men and women everywhere stress out over what to buy. Except for maybe the guys, we won’t freak out about it on February 13 when we realize tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and we haven’t done anything yet to prepare for the occasion.

There is no reason to freak out, ladies. Men are easily pleased, especially on Valentine’s Day. I asked a lot of my fellows about what they want and their responses were fairly predictable. If you’re looking to do something nice for your man this Valentine’s Day, here is a little insight from the other side. 


The guy is on the edge of going over the top on the first Valentine’s Day of a relationship. He needs a good quality of time.

Valentine's Day

My friend Harltin says Valentine’s day would be a quiet night to spend with his wife eating their favorite food and do something they like. It’s likely your guy will feel even more loved if you can put down your phone (yes that means facebook, Instagram too) and show him that there is no place you would be than with him.


We may deny it but man does really love to read a well thought out love note.  The day-to-day words of affection between a couple can become run-of-the-mill.


Things like quality time and words of affection are important but that doesn’t mean there are not other things man appreciates. You can offer him this luxury hydrating waist belt pack bag.

Valentine's Day

There is another thing my friend Harltin heard more than once: ” A massage”. Man loves this kind of physical touch. Try learning some massage techniques online.

If you are more inclined to giving a material gift, a man’s preferences aren’t uncommon among other men. Give him something practical and he can use very often.

Valentine's Day

Like most guys out there, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show our affection for the one we care about the most. And I think I speak for all men when I say, we sure hope we don’t screw it up but if we do, there’s always next year.

Author: This content is written by Rhoxann Witz.

Surprise your partner with some Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day Gift is a lovely event where roses are sent from a secret admirer, gifts are being exchanged between lovers and couples and they enjoy romantic candle lit dinners. Apart from traditional bouquet of roses and box of heart shaped chocolates, the couple’s valentine’s Day present is a great exchange that both can cherish and enjoy throughout their lives.

personalized mug setHere you will get some unique Valentine’s Day Gift ideas that represent as a set of two gifts that fit each other like a glove, symbolizing the perfect match. And just for making fun of it, a few personalized gift ideas are primed for this special Valentine’s Day Gift.

Blown your love with personalized Mug set:

Personalized coffee Mug set is the perfect Valentine’s Day present. His name will be scripted on one mug and her name on the other. It is an exclusive design figuring couple blowing heartfelt kisses to one another across each mug. In other words, it is a fun way to start every morning with such perfect personalized coffee mug set.

Valentine's Day GiftSterling silver diamond accents rings:

sterling silver diamond accents ring is a simple and thoughtful gift. This piece has been hand fabricated from sterling silver, sanded to high polish along with a beautiful tumble finish. It comes with a gift wrapped ring box and clean packaging. On this special Valentine’s Day Gift, is offering 40% discount on all jewelry items.

Valentine's Day GiftKey to my heart necklace:

This sweet necklace is made with bronze. This necklace is decorated with a pink mesh polka dot ribbon. It comes in a gift bag ready for gift giving. The beautiful brass laser heart pendant fits perfectly in the heart. The key holes in the pendant secretly represent “I Love You” and make it the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

Gift Hampers:

Hamper is always a special gift on special occasions. It is a fantastic combination of wonderful gifts items. So, choose your gift very carefully and arrange them in an order to make the hamper looks fabulous. You can also buy and gift exclusive gift hampers at online shops. A gift to your loved one on Valentine’s Day has to be special in all senses.

Antique musical jewelry box:

Antique musical jewelry box is a unique gift idea. If you know that she loves the ballet then spring for a porcelain ballerina musical jewelry box. She will treasure it above all others and every time she looks at it she will remember that you were the one who gave her this wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift.


Musical jewelry box

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift don’t have to be expensive either. Any gift may be okay but a unique will give your sweetheart a warm feeling in her heart. It does not matter whether you are giving an amethyst bracelet, a heart-shaped purple earring set, a bright red pearl necklace set,  but it should be wrapped with heartfelt deepest feelings that can even make a simple gift item more precious than a diamond.


Author: This content is written by Rhoxann Witz.Get some exciting gift ideas from here.