Akoya Pearl Jewelry Gifts

Pearls Have been a symbol of elegance and finesse. Combined with gold and diamonds, you have a piece of jewelry that will outlast time itself. The combination of the pearl’s whiteness and the diamond makes it as classic as designs can get.  Noblag offers you different designs of Akoya pearl jewelry gifts that can be combined into a brilliant matching set.

Purity, Classic, beauty, timeliness are the exact traits of pearls. Akoya pearl is so flexible. Among other traits, Akoya pearl necklaces can be single or multi-layered strands, while earrings can be solo, two-drops, or accented with gold or diamonds. Those are the characteristics that make the Akoya pearl jewelry gifts a better choice.

You can wear different styles for your pearl jewelry. If you like the dancing movement when you walk,  you can go with the solo pearl drop earrings crafted in18-carat rose gold.

Akoya pearl jewelry giftsIf  you prefer natural that goes with everything, you can opt for this pair of Akoya pearl stud earrings that appear to be handcrafted but won’t break your budget. Again, there can be no better choice than  Akoya pearl jewelry gifts.

Akoya pearl jewelry giftsyou can decide to go with this affordable elegant necklace to make  the Akoya pearl jewelry gifts look like you spent so much more. The subtle style of this necklace allows this solitaire pearl to really shine.

Akoya pearl jewelry giftsto complete the set, and the classic elegance of a simple round-cut Akoya pearl ring blended with the 18-carat gold diamond that will glitter like shimmering stars.

AKoya pearl jewelry giftsEach of these Akoya pearls pieces can be worn on its own or as an entire Akoya pearl jewelry gifts set. Either way, the resulting effects are jaw-dropping.

The Akoya oyster is the smallest pearl-producing oyster in the world, making its pearls perfect for jewelry. The value of each Akoya pearl is determined based on its color, size, and shape. Akoya Pearls are famous for their shine and shape. These qualities make them the classic pieces of Akoya pearl jewelry gifts set every woman should have.

How To Pack It All In One Bag

Pack a lot of stuff for a weekend getaway? You don’t really need to.  Instead, you need to save yourself the hassle of lugging around multiple bags for short trips and opt instead for a single spacious backpack.


This classic backpack has enough room to fit all your accessories. The heavy packers don’t need to wary about room. This bag features numerous pouches with large capacity and suitable for all seasons. See how much you can fit into the backpack


With a USB charger outside, this bag pack is perfect to techy travelers. The bag  has a headphone port as well and is water resistant keeping your electronics safe from water damage. Just the right size with a lot of compartments to keep your personal belongings very well organized.


If you want a pack that is more sportier, this Noblag trekking backpack is the answer.  This mountaineering backpack  features a tough, abrasion-resistant, a strong water-resistant finish, external frame, headphone exit, side adjustment system of backpack, suspension system, bottom plug-in system, transferred weight belt, water pipe buckle system,web massage shoulder. It comes in multiple colors.


Noblag 25L ultra lightweight packable backpack can be tossed into another bag  and later unpack as needed an fit a lot of stuff inside, very convenient and takes no space. It is water resistant and great for hiking.


You need a smaller pack  that can fit all the essentials.  Your choice is  this outdoor sports fanny pack is eco-friendly, easily carrying a cell phone, keys, and other small items. It is waterproof, super lightweight travel, waterproof blocking elements, high-quality fasteners, two-way zipper, durable, tear resistance, and adjustable waist belt. It is smooth, foldable and breathable. Perfect for travel, running, hiking, cycling, camping, biking, travel commuting, skateboarding, leisure fitness and other outdoor activities. Material: high-grade nylon. All dimensions are approximate: 15 1/4″ x 9″x 4 1/8″.


Gemstone, precious metal.

Cosmopolitan Magazine just revealed Beyonce’s new favorite fashion accessory: a pair of beautiful emerald earrings. She’s been photographed wearing these simple yet stunning gemstone emerald earrings at the MTV Video Music Awards White Carpet.

Have you come here looking for a way to copy this look without spending your entire paycheck ? At Noblag.com, you can shop not only the emerald gemstone at affordable prices but also the other colorful gemstones that are on many “wants” lists .

In this post, we share five examples of how you can look as chic and sophisticated as Beyonce wearing different types of gemstones.

For a look that’s very similar to Beyonce’s, try this silver emerald necklace dazzling in pave crystal diamond accents interlinked in a geometrical shape to create this eye-catching look.


If you are looking for the same gemstone to make more of a statement, try this fancy emerald light yellow diamond ring. An elegant design that can be worn very often.


Versatile and affordable, with large, near-flawless stones available, citrine is historically valued for its rarity, another precious gemstone. This citrine bracelet, a signature statement piece, vibrantly designed in oval-cut citrine and diamond accents in sterling silver.


You may consider wearing eye-catching colorful garnet which is a gemstone that symbolizes truth and faithfulness. Most often cut in rounds, ovals, and cushions. Used in a wide array of styles. These petite stud earrings feature heart-shaped round-cut garnet surrounded with sparkling round-cut in sterling silver.


Another popular gemstone is amethyst. It’s used extensively in both high-end and mainstream jewelry. Versatile due to variety in color, size and price point. Associated with royalty due to its color. It’s also credited with warding off intoxication. Shades of purple ranging from pale lilac to deep violet. Is also frequently seen in shades of light, pale greens. It’s your time to shine in these stylish purple amethyst stud earrings crafted in sterling silver.


Turquoise : shop outside the box. Show off your favorite gemstone with our fashionable turquoise bracelet fabulously designed to add your collection. It is light to dark blue or blue-green. It’s One of the oldest known precious metals.


if you want to spend more , you can consider shopping trendy Akoya pearl jewelry and yellow diamond. You can even consider creating your own complete jewelry gift sets.

Now that you’ve seen five affordable gemstones of Beyonce’s latest signature emerald earrings, which ones would you choose to wear? What are some other looks that you have loved and want to share with us?

Luxury Men’s Watches

Luxury men's Watches

Luxury men’s watches are one of the most versatile accessories in a man’s attire. Men’s watches can be worn with nearly any style and help you keep track of your day in a luxury way.

Luxury men’s watches are a classic accessory which serves a vital purpose. Men’s watches are extremely popular, given the ability to step up their game in any style or attire. Men’s watches are made from stainless steel, titanium, plastic to name a few. That is why watches are one of the most popular items to be passed from generation to generation.

The right leather band can prolong the life of your watch. When shopping for luxury men’s watches, consider the leather bands for the ultimate in elegance and comfort.  A leather watch is appropriate for any outfit and built to last for years to come. Here are some of our charming luxury men’s watches with the leather strap.

Luxury men's Watches

Every man should have a  luxury dress watch for formal occasions. This Signature Premier black leather strap is the interpretation of the classic dress watch. It is elegant, understated and modern. The black leather and black dial look fabulous against any skin tone and ensures that this luxury watch will look like no other. The signature premier is the most bespoke high-end luxury watch, and a league of its own.

Luxury men's Watches

The Masterpiece Noblag luxury watch is a jewel. It combines intuitive design and eye-pleasing style to create the perfect combination and harmony. The rose gold case is gorgeous with the symmetric shape white dial. The brown leather strap ensures comfort and durability which will increase with years of use. This unique style complements everything from a suit to jeans and a t-shirt.

Luxury men's Watches

Monsieur Casual luxury men’s watches collection is no exception. It features a strong luminous dial pointer design.Even in the night time, you can witness the time in your wrist. The brown leather strap is smooth and comfortable.Its stainless steel case makes it perfect for year-our wear.This Monsieur casual luxury watch is an attractive piece, well-suited for everything from a day at the office to a weekend at the golf club. It is a reliable and chic choice timepiece for any wardrobe and any occasion.

Luxury men's Watches

The Sports luxury watch has a dressy style look. This is a modern classic timepiece giving you versatility and functionality in one beautiful package. With its highly luminescent coating and its striking night vision capability, this luxury men’s watches will flatter your look for years to come. A well-made, charming luxury watches for men will never go out of style.


What Distinguishes Tahitian Pearl Jewelry?

16Tahitian pearl jewelry is the most unique and beautiful pearl. It offers the mystique of the South Pacific with stunning gray and black color. Tahitian pearls are some of the most gorgeous in the world with a lot of unique characteristics.

Tahitian pearl jewelry

Tahitian pearls come in a wide variety of colors and shades, including black, grey, green, and purple. They’re well-known around the world for their iridescent, vibrant and almost metallic colors. Tahitian pearl jewelry is the most sought-after, and most expensive pearls in the world.

The most valuable black pearls have what is known as a peacock green overtone, meaning it has deep rainbow hues from fuschia to emerald green and purple.

Tahitian pearls have the unique ability to display a variety of colors at the same time, shimmering on their surfaces on varying shades and colors Tahitian pearls were once the rarest, most valuable cultured pearls in the world, and they are currently still much more valuable than Freshwater and Akoya pearls.

Tahitian pearls generally range in size as small as 8 mm to as large as 16 mm with the average pearl measuring 13 millimeters.

Tahitian pearl jewelry

10 mm to 12 mm are generally the more popular sizes selected for necklaces Anything above 13 mm is considered to be larger, rarer, and more valuable, especially in the higher qualities. Tahitian pearl necklaces often graduate in size.

They come in all shapes: round, drop, button, oval, semi-round or ringed,baroque, semi-baroque. Round tahitian pearl jewelry is the most desired and valuable because of their different sizes, grades, shapes, and luster. After all, Tahitian pearl jewelry is the only gemstone that is made by a living creature