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Statement Earrings That’ll Give Your Outfit A Jolt

statement earrings

We know that it happens to all of us. We shop online for a new pair of statement earrings. We wear them once. We can say seems like there’s a party going on our earlobes. Cut to the next day, one of them is MIA (Missing In Action).


statement earringsWe don’t need to cry the next time it happens. We can go back online, search and repurchase. carries all 2017 fall statement earrings trends. Earrings with all shape and style, sizeable, single and ready to mingle with simple studs.

A solid pair of statement earrings revitalizes any tired outfit. They’re the perfect way to dip your toes in the trend. Pair any colorful earrings with an easy black and white outfit.

statement earrings

Always pick one earring that’s destined to stand out and match the sleek bun is an instantly put-together look. Slick back your hair to exhibit your ear in full display. You can coat your lips with a clear balm what plays off your trendy accessories.

statement earrings

When wearing statement earrings you shouldn’t be afraid to wear crystals during the day. They are good for a casual get-together. The bigger the earring, the better. Longer styles draw attention to that space between your jawline and your shoulders.

Now, are you ready to dive face into the face-first trend? Shop our favorite statement earrings.



Best Mother’s Day gifts- Rose Gold Jewelry

Is rose gold jewelry the best mother’s day gifts you can give to your mom? The truth is rose gold jewelry always looks great on almost everyone. Some people identify themselves as a gold person and others as a silver person. We can say rose gold jewelry is the most appreciative metal.

Rose gold jewelry is gorgeous. It pulls out the blushy undertones in so many different skin colors. There is a contrast against the skin when someone is wearing yellow gold, silver or platinum jewelry. Rose gold is much softer but still, makes a statement and that is why it is the best mother’s day gifts.

Rhoxann Witz, Designer at has handpicked some unique selection of rose gold jewelry for your mom:

best mother's day gifts

This 18K rose gold Akoya bracelet looks very glamorous and sophisticated. She can wear it anytime and never goes out of fashion.

best mother's day gifts

The elegance of feminity. This rose gold diamond pendant necklace is another stunning piece to offer to your mom.

Best Mother's Day gifts

This chic rose gold-tone watch exhibits a detail that lends a touch of radiance to every occasion. Mom has a good companion whether she is attending a formal event or enjoying a sunny day.

Best Mother's Day gifts

you can treat her like a princess with these regal twisted rose gold drop earrings. Mom will love the way these playful earrings move with her.

best mother's day gifts

This women’s designer bracelet goes from season to season and outfit to outfit without ever comprising your sophisticated style.

When buying the best mother’s day gifts rose jewelry not only is the best option but also it is a pleasurable experience. At,  you will find a vast collection of beautiful jewelry that your mother will be so proud of. It’s the perfect way to let her know how important and special she actually is for you.


Does Watch Size Matter?

A watch size is only as good as how well it fits you.

Watch size

When it comes to watch size and fit, not all watches are going to look good on you. It is very important to consider this fact before you find yourself surprised and disappointed that your nice and perfect watch is not a perfect fit after all. It’s also important to know that no two watches are going to look the same on your wrist even if they are the same size.

Don’t be surprised.

Beyond style and price, watch size is probably the most important factor when buying a watch.It’s not how big the face is, it’s the profile, it is how the bracelet or strap fits and how it looks on your wrist.

Case Width

The indication of a watch size is how wide the case is. Depending on how thick your wrist is, 40mm may be too wide. Anything larger than that is ridiculous. A watch of 30mm for women are fine, but larger watches may feel overwhelming on the wrist.

watch size

A good indication of whether a watch is too big is to look at the lugs. Are reaching past the curve or your wrist? Then the watch may not fit right.

Case Thickness

Width is one thing, but case thickness on a watch can really affect how it sits on the wrist. The thicker the watch, the heavier it is. You need to know if you want a watch to fit under your sleeve cuff or how the lugs will comfortably fit around your wrist. In that case, a thicker watch may not be the way to go.

Bracelet/case Thickness

the average male wrist size is about 7.5 inches. Most watch bracelets and strap will fit everyone but if you fall into the extremes, be prepared for some extra costs. Buy extra links for the bracelet or opt for a longer strap. For a smaller wrist, you need to remove some links or making a new hole in the strap.

watch size

Measuring For Watch Size

There are no hard and fast rules to your watch size. It is a matter of preference. You need to wear the watch you really want. If you are shopping online and need to know how to size a watch.