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What your man Truly wants For Valentine’s Day.

 Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means this is the time of the year when men and women everywhere stress out over what to buy. Except for maybe the guys, we won’t freak out about it on February 13 when we realize tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and we haven’t done anything yet to prepare for the occasion.

There is no reason to freak out, ladies. Men are easily pleased, especially on Valentine’s Day. I asked a lot of my fellows about what they want and their responses were fairly predictable. If you’re looking to do something nice for your man this Valentine’s Day, here is a little insight from the other side. 


The guy is on the edge of going over the top on the first Valentine’s Day of a relationship. He needs a good quality of time.

Valentine's Day

My friend Harltin says Valentine’s day would be a quiet night to spend with his wife eating their favorite food and do something they like. It’s likely your guy will feel even more loved if you can put down your phone (yes that means facebook, Instagram too) and show him that there is no place you would be than with him.


We may deny it but man does really love to read a well thought out love note.  The day-to-day words of affection between a couple can become run-of-the-mill.


Things like quality time and words of affection are important but that doesn’t mean there are not other things man appreciates. You can offer him this luxury hydrating waist belt pack bag.

Valentine's Day

There is another thing my friend Harltin heard more than once: ” A massage”. Man loves this kind of physical touch. Try learning some massage techniques online.

If you are more inclined to giving a material gift, a man’s preferences aren’t uncommon among other men. Give him something practical and he can use very often.

Valentine's Day

Like most guys out there, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show our affection for the one we care about the most. And I think I speak for all men when I say, we sure hope we don’t screw it up but if we do, there’s always next year.

Author: This content is written by Rhoxann Witz.

Surprise your partner with some Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day Gift is a lovely event where roses are sent from a secret admirer, gifts are being exchanged between lovers and couples and they enjoy romantic candle lit dinners. Apart from traditional bouquet of roses and box of heart shaped chocolates, the couple’s valentine’s Day present is a great exchange that both can cherish and enjoy throughout their lives.

personalized mug setHere you will get some unique Valentine’s Day Gift ideas that represent as a set of two gifts that fit each other like a glove, symbolizing the perfect match. And just for making fun of it, a few personalized gift ideas are primed for this special Valentine’s Day Gift.

Blown your love with personalized Mug set:

Personalized coffee Mug set is the perfect Valentine’s Day present. His name will be scripted on one mug and her name on the other. It is an exclusive design figuring couple blowing heartfelt kisses to one another across each mug. In other words, it is a fun way to start every morning with such perfect personalized coffee mug set.

Valentine's Day GiftSterling silver diamond accents rings:

sterling silver diamond accents ring is a simple and thoughtful gift. This piece has been hand fabricated from sterling silver, sanded to high polish along with a beautiful tumble finish. It comes with a gift wrapped ring box and clean packaging. On this special Valentine’s Day Gift, is offering 40% discount on all jewelry items.

Valentine's Day GiftKey to my heart necklace:

This sweet necklace is made with bronze. This necklace is decorated with a pink mesh polka dot ribbon. It comes in a gift bag ready for gift giving. The beautiful brass laser heart pendant fits perfectly in the heart. The key holes in the pendant secretly represent “I Love You” and make it the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

Gift Hampers:

Hamper is always a special gift on special occasions. It is a fantastic combination of wonderful gifts items. So, choose your gift very carefully and arrange them in an order to make the hamper looks fabulous. You can also buy and gift exclusive gift hampers at online shops. A gift to your loved one on Valentine’s Day has to be special in all senses.

Antique musical jewelry box:

Antique musical jewelry box is a unique gift idea. If you know that she loves the ballet then spring for a porcelain ballerina musical jewelry box. She will treasure it above all others and every time she looks at it she will remember that you were the one who gave her this wonderful Valentine’s Day Gift.


Musical jewelry box

Unique Valentine’s Day Gift don’t have to be expensive either. Any gift may be okay but a unique will give your sweetheart a warm feeling in her heart. It does not matter whether you are giving an amethyst bracelet, a heart-shaped purple earring set, a bright red pearl necklace set,  but it should be wrapped with heartfelt deepest feelings that can even make a simple gift item more precious than a diamond.


Author: This content is written by Rhoxann Witz.Get some exciting gift ideas from here.

Cheap Jewelry Set Online- Buy

We are already at the end of 2016. Almost end of all festivities and holidays. January 2017 is almost there. It is time for big semi-annual sales and huge discounts.  The good news is you can give a break to your wallet by buying cheap jewelry set online where chic stylish design and true fashion meet. Let’s be clear, cheap jewelry set means for us great quality jewelry at a very inexpensive price.

cheap jewelry set onlineYou don’t really need to buy diamonds, natural precious gemstones, Akoya pearl, or sterling silver for a great jewelry wardrobe, even though they would be nice to have. When you buy cheap jewelry set online from, they always look a lot more expensive than it is. Also, remember there is free shipping, special promotions on all orders with no minimum to help you save big.

cheap jewelry set onlineLooking good boosts self-confidence and that is why accessorizing becomes important. You can buy cheap jewelry set online to wear with a plain, one shade, deep neck dress. You can complete the outfit with a white gold pendant necklace and a large satchel in hand.

cheap jewelry set onlineFor a formal evening night, you can keep things simple but classy at the same time. Do not exaggerate over your accessories. Opt for pearl or diamond necklace, pearl earrings, and a chic bracelet. Again you don’t need to spend a fortune when you buy cheap jewelry set online from, because of all the discounts, free shipping and reward points you can get.

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Complete Jewelry Gift Sets – How to accessorize your outfit

Women receive most of the time a complete jewelry gift sets. Guess what! Women love it. They know how some jewelry sets can change the entire look of an outfit and make them stand out for a very special occasion. But keep in mind that there are tiny details to watch for when wearing your complete jewelry gift sets.

complete jewelry gift setsYou need to determine how you want your complete jewelry gift sets to match and complete your outfit and not over power it.

complete jewelry gift setsYou need to consider the length of the necklace. Your best option is to wear a necklace that will be seen and laid well with the top of what you are wearing.

complete jewelry gift setsThe same principle applies when wearing earrings. They should be appealing in length and complete the outfit. And they should not be hidden under the collar of your top. But if you like dangle earrings, you like the dancing movement. Well, let them dangle.

Another critical aspect when you wear your complete jewelry gift sets is the color. You don’t know if you want to go with the bright color or the neutral color. Again, you need a complete jewelry gift sets that will compliment your outfit and not compete with it.

Sterling silver jewelry is revealed to be a smart choice to complete the majority of any outfit. It is a natural and neutral color. It is easy to blend. that is a good option for those with skin sensitivities.

complete jewelry gift setsOr you can go with a little bit of the bright. It will offer sufficient detail and design to create beauty and intrigue. You can wear sterling silver jewelry all day long because it is lightweight and elegant. Sterling silver jewelry is versatile which is a good feature to have.

Now, it is your time to share with us how you like to match your complete jewelry sets with your outfit in the comment box below.






Buy Fashion Earrings Online

Buy fashion earrings online and all other trendy jewelry deals are the norm nowadays. And Rhoxann, the lead designer at wanted to interview Nathalie about the ideal jewelry wardrobe. Nathalie manages the U.S. branch Manager of the french jewelry Company Mabelle that is renowned for superior quality, craftsmanship, and modern stylish design.

buy fashion earrings online

Nathalie reminded me that throughout history, earrings are a great way to add some life to your wardrobe and stylish women feel naked when not wearing earrings. Nathalie suggests that women should focus on a mix of earrings that reflect your style, personality, and your face shape.

Here are  some tips when you buy fashion earrings online


The general rule, consider a stud or a huggy. The diamond stud is the most classic or elegant, and the most versatile. It can also be a stud earring with some color. The great thing about studs is a go-to earring for every day. You can wear it as a backdrop for everything else with your outfit. A stud will make sure your look is elegant and polished.

buy online fashion earrings


2. Hoop earrings would be the second best to have.  Hoop earrings can be metal hoops, or embellished with color or diamonds. The size of the hoop will influence the look. You can choose according to your style and personality.

buy fashion earrings online


Chandelier earrings are mostly reserved for evenings or events. These earrings will make a statement and finish your look, and make your face pop. you can buy them at

buy fashion earrings online


You may have heard the term: ear climbers, ear crawlers, ear cuffs. They are often singular or mis-matched, and they honestly crawl up your ear a bit. If you want to try this new trends, you can go with Akoya pearl. Why? Because pearl is always modern, elegant and classic.

buy fashion earrings online

we will continue wit the rest of the interview we had with Nathalie in our next post where you will learn more about face shape, bone structure. That will help you make a knowledgeable choice when you buy fashion earrings online.